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Saffron-86' 14

Aniseed Vodka, Saffron, Orange + Rosemary + Thyme Cordial, Orange Bitter, Lemon, Soda Water

Loganberry Vibes 12

vodka, wild winter berry cordial, citrus, thyme

Divine Kali 14

Gin, Wild Hibiscus, pink peppercorn, clove, bergamot, lemon, black walnut bitter

Rue 14

Rye whiskey, creme de cacao, amaro Montenegro, chocolate bitter


Allentown 14

Spiced Rum, Char Grilled Pineapple infused in Ginger + Peach tea, Falernum, Lemon Juice 

Queen City 14

Cognac, Cointreau, St. George Spiced Pear Brandy

Pomace 14

Grappa, Rockley's, Celery  + Basil Syrup, Green Chartreuse, Lime

Pasha 14

Anejo Mezcal, vermouth, Cynar, apricot

Para Todo Mal 13

Mezcal, Fennel + Mint Syrup, Ginger, Lime

Juices Fresh Squeezed Daily

Smoked Cocktail

Elevate your cocktail experience with our smoked presentation. Please ask your server for wood chips options and cocktail varieties. 

- $4 upcharge for smoked cocktail 


Banker's Punch 13
Irish whiskey, raspberry, port, rum, lemon 


Last Word 13

gin, luxardo maraschino, green chartreuse, Lime

Paper Plane 13

bourbon, pilla select, amaro, lemon 

Manhattan 14
bourbon, vermouth, angostura bitters

Old-Fashioned 14
bourbon, sugar, angostura & orange Bitters



La Marca Prosecco

Dr. Frank Konstantin Riesling
Fleur de Mer, Rose
The Seeker, Pinot Grigio
Whitehaven, Sauvignon Blanc
Sean Minor, Chardonnay
Carmel Road, Chardonnay

J vineyards Pinot Noir
William Hill, Merlot
Alta Vista Malbec
Louis M. Martini Cab Sauvignon


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12    17
15    20

14    19

13    18
15    20
15    20




La Marca Prosecco, Italy 54

Mumm Napa Brut, California 65
Duval-Leroy Brut Reserve 90
Piper Heidsieck, Brut Cuvée 96
Moet & Chandon, Champagne, Fr. 175
Veuve Clicquot, Champagne, Fr. 200
Dom Pérignon, Champagne, Fr. 380

Fleur de Mer Rose, France 50
Whispering Angel Rose, France 60


Pinot Grigio
The Seeker, Italy 46
Santa Margarita, Italy 58

Sauvignon Blanc
Whitehaven, Marlborough, NZ 52

Orin Swift, Blank Stare, Ca. 60


Hess Select, Chardonnay, Ca. 50

Talbot "Kali Hart", Chardonnay, Ca. 50
Kenwood Vineyards, California 70

Orin Swift "Mannequin" Chardonnay, Ca 78
Cakebread Cellars, California 95

Jordan Chardonnay 98

Aromatic Whites

Dr. Frank Riesling, Finger Lake, NY 58



Pinot Noir

Mohua, New Zeland 46

J Vineyards Pinot Noir 50

Erath, Oregon 50

La Crema, Sonoma Cost 64

J Vineyard, Russian River, California 76

Sokol Blosser, Dundee Hill 90
Domaine Drouhin, Dundee Hills, Oregon 96

Cabernet Sauvignon

Louis M. Martini , Ca. 48

Franciscan, Ca. 54
Justin, Ca. 76
Jordan, Ca. 100

Orin Swift Palermo, Ca. 110

Cakebread Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ca. 145
Silver Oak, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ca.  210

Stags' Leap Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon Ca. 210

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